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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 113, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  Welcome to the #GreenUpSpringBreak Episode number 2 with our dear friend Thomas Jackson Jr.  On this special episode we have the #GreenUp80sTVQuiz, where the Coach plays some clips of 80’s TV shows intros and Clint, Tech Time & Tom have to guess what they are.  Can you get all 12? Take a photo and tweet us @greenuppodcast with the hashtag #GreenUp80sTVQuiz.  Before we do the quiz, the guys talk about some of the big surprise new shows from the Fall of 2015 and the first of 2016, we also discuss some of the new shows that are starting this Spring.  Be sure to follow our friend Tom on Twitter @thomasjacksonjr and you can find him on our facebook page!

Follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and give our voicemail a call 424 262 2435  

Thank you to Henno for our intro and thanks to Adrian from Adrian Has Issues for our outro.

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