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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 150, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  Brand new limited series brought to you by the creator of Green Up, Lucky to be Dad & Gotham Knights!  Around the Water Cooler #1!  #YouDidntHearItFromMe but @DroppingLoads all have 3rd world dicks… If you can tweet them and let them know any bands you listened to back in the early 2000’s that you are embarrassed you did.  @GraphicNovice is almost done...blah blah blah but #YouDidntHearItFromMe but @SaltyLanguage got tattooed after being drugged from Nickel and VF!  @BadIdeasPodcast we get educated from Blake on how using the toliet covers are just pointless and #YouDidntHearItFromMe but Brigger is gonna get hit hard from HR on dress code, use of company product….And lastly #YouDidntHearItFromMe but @DAPFPod Neil is counting his #PodcastGold

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Thank you to Henno for our intro.

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