Green UP Gaming!

This week we are joined with Jedi aka Clint from the Geek Dig Podcast.

We update you on our last 2 weeks and announce joined the Danger Entertainment Network.

We have 2 weeks of The Walking Dead to talk about! 

The 'Wank Band' is discussed.

Videogame news: Rock Band 4, Battlefield Hardline running better on PS4, Halo MC match making issues, Far Cry 4's new DLC, Titanfall 2 & Goat Sim.

New Ghostbuster movie, HBO Now on Apple devices.

3 listener Voicemails:

Tristan, on the growth of video games.

Henno, on his story of being a Soccer player.

Tony, violence in video games.

We pick Teddy's new juice mix! 


March Xbox One update, Pi Day, IOS 8.3 beta, Youtube supports 360 degree videos and Space Solar Power Systems.

The shout outs drags on but some good laughes are had! 

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