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Welcome to the first Green Up presents Converstations with Coach.

I am happy to finally get this off the ground.  Over the last couple months I have had some big plans for episode #1 for CwC.  But something kept getting in the way, after this last week a few things fell into place and I went back to this recording I did with Grant a couple months ago, and since I just havn't had the space on our acccount to release it (due to it being 2.5 hours long).

Well the time has come and here it is, at the time of this recording was made Grant was flirting with the idea to start his own podcast, and I offered to help in any way.  I set up the time, did the recording, editing, producing and now marking for this episode but the content was all Grant.

This episode is long, yes but some great questions were asked and it, to me, flows like a nice conversation.  Grant asks some really good questions, some are 'cheeky' and some will give you a chance to get to know me a little better.

So please enjoy, and if you can drop us a line on twitter @greenuppodcast for me and @TheStrangerCons for Grant.  If you really love this one, then give the voice mail a call at (424) COACH 35!

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