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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 131, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  Ryan and Teddy plan their time together and Ryan plays some voicemails Teddy had left him… CONFUSION!  

Teddy talks about his time in Oregon so far and then they get on topic of legalized weed.  Jillian has a birthday party which means leftover cupcakes!  Ryan has another Jilly-Bugs Toys For Hugs and has to deal with missing Football and introduces Jillian to #BabyMetal.  

The discussion of digital gaming continues and Teddy brings up the cross platform for WIndows and Xbox.  Clint is getting ready for #ConOnTheCob and playing tons of #GearsOfWar, he gives his first impressions of #Battlefield1.  Ryan talks about the #IWBeta and the #PS4VR.  Clint talks about the tease of #RedDeadRedemption2 and Tech Time Teddy brings his top five traveling tips!

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Thank you to Henno for our intro..

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