Green UP Gaming!

Welcome to Green Up #93, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast not by science.  Ryan and Teddy sit down and chat, after 3 takes and almost an hour wasted you get a much more cheerful episode.  They update you on their week and Teddy test rides #fattirebikes, goes to the #stripclub, misses out on Halloween and we both enjoy a good coffee shop. Ryan updates you on his boring and depressed week and the guys discuss Green Up moving to maybe once a month (around Ryan’s MENstration).  Ryan drops a couple big announcements for Green Up!   A little Call of Duty Black Ops 3 news, the guys are getting ready for the game.  Then they get sidetracked onto the upcoming Black Friday.  Ryan talks about the input he has gotten on the new Xbox Controller and Teddy gets our footage from RCCC up on our site!

Intro music by @Idahenno

Outro by @inallfaircast

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