Green UP Gaming!

Ryan, Roy, Hutch & Tech Time Teddy are joined with Ricky one of our long time Green Up Legion members all the way from Australia! 

After greetings and thank yous for the week are done.

Ryan updates you all on his changes he made and how they effected him.

We talk about what games we are playing and then dive into part 2 of the violence in video games conversation that we started last week.

Then we talk about the NFL, and the deflategate.

During TV talk, Ryan intros the guys to Hack My Life, 12 Monkeys and Backstrom.  Ryan and Roy sell everyone on Peaky Blinders and Marco Polo.  Ricky brings up The 100, which give Ryan and Roy some vindication! 

Podcast talk, Ryan gives a plug for Growing Up Not Growing Old, ADO Radio and Say What Podcast.

The boys then follow and tweet another Celeb, again I don't have hope for a re-tweet.

Be sure to call our Voicemail (424) COACH 35 and chekc out our site


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