Green UP Gaming!

For the first time we have a full house! Snakedoc and Hutchy make it to the show!!  We talk about our top 10 shooters of all time.  Friday Night Tykes on Esquire, and the rage it cause Kokido!  Snakedoc brought us SOFREP, a great podcast on real time operators in the military. You can find them at, on twitter @sofrep and on iTunes SOFREP!  You like military give them a listen!  

Find us on twitter @vvvgreenup and now on itunes!

Shout out to our boys at Sea Snipers! & @SeaSnipersHQ on twitter!  Like CoD Ghosts and want a great place to compete, hit them up at

Like playing BF4 on the 360 and want to have some fun, hit us up. VvV Kokido!

Enjoy and help spread the show!

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