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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 100 Part Two Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  We split up our 100th episode into two parts and this is the second half!  Along with Tech Time Teddy and Clint we were joined with Chris from Attention Deficit Order, John from The Pop Culture Cafe, Alycia from Musings of a Shibe, Henno from Gotham Lights, Mike from Growing Up Not Growing Old, VF from Graphic Novice and Michael & Michelle from Who The What Now.  The first part I set it up so each of us could ask us a question, we cover stuff from gun ownership, near death experiences to what our 12 year old self was like.  We talk about why joining a network is helpful or not and we play a game of Fantasy Podcast.  A huge thanks to everyone that joined in and made this such an amazing night!  

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Thank you to Henno for our intro.

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