Green UP Gaming!

Ryan is joined with Roy, Philip and Tech Time Teddy.

Ryan checks in with everyone and how their week was.  He thanks all the listeners and their support over this last week. Ricky sends us a great email!

Ryan shares a story about his TV issues and his battle with loosing one of his players.

TV talk, Ryan's started watching Black-ish and we move onto Podcast news.

Ryan speaks highly of the 3 Cuckoos Podcast and Dropping Loads Podcast.

None of us are really playing any games.

Video Game News, Xbox finally out sells the PS4, Games that are on sale and Witcher 3 is delayed.

Mofo brings a story about the Game Warden and a fake deer, which Roy molests and nearly kills himself with.

Favorite 5 Christmas time movies.

Shout ous and plugs!

Listener homework! Go review and subscribe us on iTunes and follow Mofo on twitter!


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