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Welcome to Green Up Podcast #99, Oregon’s Number 1 Podcast, not by science just the will of the force.  Ryan is joined with Teddy and Clint and due to a time lapse in the universe they talk about episode 100 from the future. They thank all the amazing friends that helped them make Green Up’s 100th episode so special and talk about their favorite parts from the epic night. We get some odd voice mails and we need your help on what the heck they are saying.  Ryan talks about Graphic Novice’s 79th episode with Neil from DAPF Pod.  One of us gets a new pair of glasses, one has a few drinks and the other has a shitty week at work. Clint finds some new podcasts and has some more major issues with Xbox Support.  The guys share their top 3 Pet Peeves.  Clint takes a few minutes to explain the whole #PodernFamily and #RBoB. Tech Time Teddy breaks down what this Christmas and 1977 Christmas have in common, and then shares some great and sad things about 1977.  The guys talk about their goals for Green UP in 2016 and how excited they are for the next year of Green UP!

Thank you to Henno for our intro and In all Fairness Podcast for our outro.

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