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Welcome to Green Up 91.5, Oregon's number 1 podcast.  This week Ryan is joined with [SS]Hobo and & [SS]SportFu, these three Sea Sniper's breakdown the Star Wars Battlefront beta.  After Hobo and Sporto introduce themselves, the guys talk about if Star Wars is just a Battlefield game with a new skin, not having a dedicated offline gameplay, will there be classes and more depth to the guns, how good the graphics are and how well EA's Servers held up.

They give some details on the game modes that will be out for day one, including 3 new modes just released!  3 brand new Heroes/Villians you can play as and how we rated the 3 'shooter' betas: Call of Duty, Rainbow 6 and Star Wars.

Be sure to join the conversation by tweeting the show @greenuppodcast or call the voicemail 424 COACH 35.  Want to learn more about the Sea Snipers? Visit our site at and follow us on twitter @SeaSnipersHQ 

Big thanks to @Idahenno for our intro and @AdrianHasIssues for our outro.

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