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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 147, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  Sorry for the delay on its release! Ryan is joined with Tech Time and Clint, the guys debate what justifies being an ‘Oregon’ Podcast.  Clint gets #Podcast #Shamed.  Ryan has a moment of wondering what he is doing with his life, and applies for a new job.  Ryan gets a package from Nickel and the Beagley household gets the flu.  Teddy gets a new laser, plays some video games and pisses Clint off on #RocketLeague. Clint and Teddy both see #JohnWick2. Clint has a good week at work, plays some video games, buys some concert tickets and gets a female friend!  This episodes new tv shows #24Legacy, #NBCPowerless #Six #SixOnHistory, #Riverdale and #SCDiet.  We ask Betty vs. Veronica and if there are any fast food establishments you would want to get married at?

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