Green UP Gaming!

Welcome to Oregon’s number one podcast!  The full staff is here to help bring you the brand new Green Up 2.5c!  Video game news, tech news and netflix reviews.  The guys update you on their week, one of us is sick, another is exhausted and one nearly loses it at work.  Ryan talks about next week’s show with a special guest, Skip from Attention Deficit Order and after being called out last week he plugs all of the awesome networks we are a part of!   Clint is back in the saddle again with his online dating, Teddy goes to a live recording of the Moth Podcast.  We sing Happy Birthday to one of our very own listeners.  Ryan has a question asked on Attention Deficit Order and so he brings the question up here.  If you could go to anywhere or anyplace in time, when and where would you go?  #backintime  

We talk about the Hulk Hogan issue and how the WWE handled it.  In video game news, we talk about the 2016 release of Constructor HD, the 7th Guest/11th Hour sequel and Xbox Games for Gold.  In Tech Time Teddy, Teddy brings you tons of information on Windows 10.  Ryan finally gets to pick up The Flash where he left off.  The guys watch Zombeaver on Netflix and 2/3rds of us love it!

Intro music by Henno.

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