Green UP Gaming!

Ryan is joined with Clint aka 'Vengeful Jedi' from Geek Dig Podcast.

We celebrate Green Up 2.0's 1st ever Live show, and Ryan thanks all those that came out to support him.

Dig on USA, iZombie on CW, 12 Monkeys, TWD/FTWD and the upcoming Heroes are the tv talk for the week.

Ryan lets you know what the April Xbox Games with Gold are (both one and 360).

We debate game exclusives and have you ever wondered how they make the sound effects for Mortal Combat? 

We discuss if DLC for games should be free at some point and Ryan has a way to make Madden better!

Ryan Shouts out to the Say What Podcast and A.D.O. Radio.

Check out the updates at follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and call the voice mail! (424) COACH 35

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