Green UP Gaming!

Welcome to Oregon’s number one podcast!  The full staff is here to help bring you the brand new Green Up 2.5c #84 ‘Thought Crimes’.

This week after the guys share; crying in the shower, being too fat, dating a high schooler and having a great week we review Thought Crime: Cannibal Cob on HBO.  Ryan wishes a few podcasters a Happy Birthday and a couple poop stories from the podcasts he listened to this week.  Ryan and Clint bring some video game news and Tech Time Teddy talks about NASA growing their own food, new cell phone deals, update on the apple car and more.

The guys talk about The Flash, The Whispers and the upcoming Heroes Reborn. Be sure to join the conversation by following the show on twitter @greenuppodcast and call the voicemail 424 COACH 35.

Intro music by Henno.

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