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Welcome to Green Up Podcast #95, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast not by science.  With Tech Time Teddy stuck working over the weekend, and by the luck of the gods @Anarchaeologist joins us for most of the show!  It was nice for us to catch up with our number one fan from Scotland!  After our banter the guys get a little deep and take a moment of silence for the attacks in France, it leads to Ryan and Tristan talking about it and the difference between the UK and the US.  To lighten the mood we talk about our weeks, we announce the day and time for our 100th episode and Ryan brings the #BlackFriday tip of the week.  The guys talk about Fallout 4 and how good it is, Tristan does a good job getting Ryan back on board for the game even though he is hesitant.  After Tristan has to go, Ryan and Clint talk about Black Ops 3 and some more video game news with Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and Games for Gold for November.   Thank you to @Idahenno for our intro and @AdrianHasIssues for our outro.

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