Green UP Gaming!

Ryan has to scramble to find a co-host for the week.

Chris from A.D.O. Radio was free and joined him.

They break down the regular formula:

Thank you's

Tv shows: American Horror Story & The Librairans on TNT.

Games: Fifa, Fight Night

Game News: MS & Sony get hacked

Ryan interviews Chris on his podcast

Fav 5 Podcasts

We tweet Zachary Quinto from AHS, Star Trek and Heros.


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Ryan is joined with Roy, Philip and Hutchy!

What a week after a double episode week! The guys give thanks to all thoughs that helped!

1st DL in Armed Forces, Europe, Middle EAST!

We were welcomed back into the Musings of a Geek Podcast Network.

Philip talks about his addiction to Breaking Bad.

Ryan was on Moving the Needle Podcast this week!

Game stories: Ryan got the beta code for Aztez, MS rumored a VR kit and Xbox One has new media apps.

Mofo's story, his bacherlor party! ENOUGH SAID!

Fav 5 Christmas Gifts.

Philip got his 100th follower, and we still need more reviews on iTunes.

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A Plan in the works for months!!! 

Green UP and Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Holiday Spectacular 2014 (Minus DAPF)

*Due to some miscommunication DAPF was unable to make it*

The Green Up Staff: Ryan, Roy Philip Tech Time Teddy & Hutchy sit around the fireplace (their computers) and share some holiday traditions. 

Ryan comes with some games for the guys!

Family Feud Holiday Game

High/Low Game

One of these is not true!

Philip shares his best fishing trip wish results in him and his brother getting a rabies shots. One of the greatest stories!

We thank all our listeners and friends.

Happy Holidays! 

Direct download: Holiday_Special_2014.mp3
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Ryan is joined with Roy, Philip and Tech Time Teddy.

Ryan checks in with everyone and how their week was.  He thanks all the listeners and their support over this last week. Ricky sends us a great email!

Ryan shares a story about his TV issues and his battle with loosing one of his players.

TV talk, Ryan's started watching Black-ish and we move onto Podcast news.

Ryan speaks highly of the 3 Cuckoos Podcast and Dropping Loads Podcast.

None of us are really playing any games.

Video Game News, Xbox finally out sells the PS4, Games that are on sale and Witcher 3 is delayed.

Mofo brings a story about the Game Warden and a fake deer, which Roy molests and nearly kills himself with.

Favorite 5 Christmas time movies.

Shout ous and plugs!

Listener homework! Go review and subscribe us on iTunes and follow Mofo on twitter!


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I finally get to sit down with one of my podcasting idols!

Jason from 7 Days a Geek, the Angry Ginger known by his friends, joins me to talk about podcasting, the joy's of fatherhood and I have a game saved for him!

I ask Jason about 7 Days a Geek, what is it about, how it got started and what the future plans are for 7DAG.

Mr @Angry_OZ_Geek helps me with the game, and after we talk some video games!


Be sure to check out our site and find us on twitter @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_Up_with_Jason_from_7_Days_a_Geek.mp3
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Ryan is joined with Roy, Philip and Hutchy!

Talk about our Thanksgivings, and what games we played over the last week.

Black Friday deals that we jumped on?

Philip brings a story about him and Roy moving a shooting house on Thanksgiving a few years ago, they have a run in with some bees.

Fav 5 Holiday dishes.

Find us at and tweet us @greenuppodcast

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Ryan, Roy, Philip and Tech Time Teddy are joined with an old friend! Hutchy joins us!

Ryan, gives a nice thanks to the listeners and Courtney The Game Huntress for the interview she did on him.

Ryan gives a little update on the Fatty Podcaster.

We chat about playing AC, COD and NBA 2k15.

The Flash, The 100, Scorpion and SOA are talked about.

Video game news, Xbox celebrates its 1st birthday, Digtital downloads vs hard copies and Black Friday deals are discussed.

Philip shares a story about him and his brother cleaning up some rodents.

Our Fav 5 Desserts are announced!

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On this specail episode of Green UP Gaming.

Ryan is joined with Tech Time Teddy and Grant from 7 days a geek.  Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freeks was invited but we can't seem to locate him...

After the intro's and thank you's Ryan updates you on his eating habits and his little vicories.

We talk about The Blacklist's mid season finale, and how well The Flash is.  Ryan and Teddy finally get to chat about The 100.

And Ryan raves about the new Xmen movie (days of future past)

Video Game news, whats coming out this week, the Evolve Alpha, 343's clean up of Halo, Teddy talks about the new COD and Grant goes on how amazing the Wii U is.

Podcasting I update you all on the 30 days of podcastin gfrom teh 7 Days a Geek podcast, and my part in the Graphic Novices Wolverine Memorial Kareoke Jam.

Tech Time Teddy segment returns!

Fav 5 2014 video games. and on twitter @greenuppodcast

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On this episode of Green UP Gaming. Ryan interviews Steve Kasan from the ComedyCoup project Wasted.  The CBC ComedyCoup challenge where a winnning project will be awarded a prime time special on the CBC Network.

Ryan and Steve talk about the full run down of what Wasted is about and how we can help him make this a success!

Ryan finds out more about Steves past and other present projects.  They dive into gaming and Zombie movies.

To help Steve, please goto vote and help them make this happen!



Direct download: Green_Up_Interview_with_Steve_Kasan.mp3
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Ryan is joined with Roy and Philip with a special apperance by Tech Time Teddy!

Ryan asks Philip and Roy about some coaching advice, Ryan thanks the listeners and those that reached out this last week.

TV chat is praising The Blacklist, The 100 and Ryan has some more questions about The Walking Dead.

We watched the Dumb and Dumber To trailer, and jump into Video game news.

Xbox sale, and PS4 sale. Modded Xbox One & 360 in one!

Ryan talks about Bold and Belligerent & Attention Deficit Order Podcasts.

Cause Mofo Said So: Why not to smoke weed!

Fav 5 tv shows of all time.

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Bite the pillow, Im comin in dry!

Just the Ryno today due to work schedules, football film and a Destiny Raid.

Ryan chats about his Halloween with his daughter and a goal he is setting for the next Rose City Comic Con.

Ryan is in love with James Spader and The Blacklist, well and The Flash.  

I question your input for The Walking Dead.  

Video game news is weak but Novemeber Games with gold, Destiny's 1st expansion, BF Hardline's realse date, Xbox One bundle with Assassins Creed.  Call of Duty AW.

Podcasting talk, Graphic Novice, Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, and me starting Bold and Belligerant.

Fav 5 cookies.

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Ryan, Roy and Philip make the journy again!  We talk about our little podcast being plugged on Libsyn's Blog and podcast.

Tv talk: Gotham, The Flash, Blacklist, The 100, Scorpion and The Walking Dead.

Video game news: PS TV, Xbox One sale rumored, Xbox update for November and PS Share Play.

Philip shares a story about his first Poop Coach, and Ryan and Roy have to compete with that! Ryan has to squeeze when he has no more porta potty to use, and Roy points out his siblings where less than kind with his cosutmes.

Fav 5 Halloween Movies

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DON'T FORGET to go listen to our interview with Ben Ruiz! I had to split the episodes up.

Direct download: Green_UP_43n.mp3
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I got to sit down with Ben Ruiz from Team Colorblind and we talked about his new game Aztez.

How he got started, what was his inspirations for a 'Beat em up' game and what can we look for in Aztez.  Thoses are just some of the questions he gets asked.


You can find more about Aztez at and follow the game on twitter @aztezgame


Be sure to follow us @greenuppodcast and check out our site

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Ryan is joined with Roy & Philip with a little bit of Jillian in the background.

The guys talk about how Roy watched the first episode of Gotham, Ryan enjoyed Scorpion and The Flash. Roy and Philip are amazed with the Walking Dead!

Roy points out a HUGE flaw with Destiny and the DLC, Ryan complains about the lack of realism with the new Forza.

Ryan brings you a big run down on Unity as it comes out next month, if you want to know more about the game, be sure to listen!

Philip brings 2 stories again, Mo the Bull and Fire Ants can swim!

Our fav 5 candy bars!

A specail end from Jillian.

Find us on twitter @greenuppodcast and the site

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Ryan is joined with Roy & Philip again.

We chat about Forza Horizon 2 and Destiny as the majority of our gaming for the week.

Walking Dead, Stalker, Scorpion and Gotham were discussed during TV chat.

With Video Game News we cover Evolve's Alpha, ACreed button change, Diable 3 new content and the huge CoD AW install.

I do a quick review of Hillbilly Nerd Talk, found at and on twitter @hillbillynerdtalk1

2 stories from Philip! Thats right 2!!! One about making sure youths understand what you are trying to tell them and a story about an electric fence, a pond and 2 brothers shitting their pants.

Fav 5 ice cream flavors in honor of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks. and on the twitter @greenuppodcast

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Grant aka TK1 from 7 Days a Geek rejoined me to chat about some of the Fall TV shows that have came out.

We chat about Blacklist, Gotham, Flash, Scorpion, Gracepoint, Stalker, Intruders, The 100, Arrow, Longmire, Outlanders, How to Get Away with Murder, Forever and a little Dr Who.

Grant and I move on to photography and podcasting.

No video game chatter, but tons of tv talk, be sure to tweet us and let us know what you think @greenuppodcast and @insta_grants2

Check out the website


Direct download: Green_UP_Full_Circle_with_Grant.mp3
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Recorded on an odd night for us, but when you can chat with the Alabama Brothers you can't pass it up.

We give props and thanks to our many listeners and welcome all those who just started. 

Roy talks about Destiny and how he lost a game of madden to Hutchy!!  

Gotham, Scorpion and the Blacklist are topics for our tv talk.

Video game news, a huge disapointmen and I am sorry for that!

Ryan plugs Gotham Knights a Gotham Fancast!

Philip brings a story of EPIC funny! Roy follows it up with one of his own!

In honor of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks we start our first of many Fav 5's.

Shout outs to all our fans and supporters!

Find us at and on twitter @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_UP_40.mp3
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Mandy aka LadyLuck from Gamertag Radio joins me.

We talk about her introducation into gaming, podcasting and how she joined the top Video Gaming Podcast. 

I ask her, what is it like to be a woman in the video gaming industry and we dive into the world of #GamerGate.  We give you the low down of how it got started and the good and bad of social media.

Check out our website

Follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_UP_interview_with_Mandy_from_GTR.mp3
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Ryan is joined with his 2 best friends from Alabama! That right the return of Philip!

We start off with some thoughts on the new Gotham and Scorpion tv show.  Some video games news, Roy is un happy with the changes Bungie has made with Destiny. The Crew Beta is coming out. MS slacks on the Xbox One Game of the month.  Ryan gives a little intro into hashtag gamergate.

Ryan give a little plug of Gotham Knights a Gotham Fancast found on the twitter @b4thebat

Cause Mofo Said So, is a story about them trying their hand at survival tv and the attack of a killer turtle!

Our final Mt. Rushmore is dedicated to Women in music!

Ryan announces his toy drive info.

Find us at and on the twitters @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_UP_39.mp3
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Roy and Ryan talk about the new fall shows they are looking forward too and drop some Video Game news, new Destiny Events this week, Forza Horizon 2 digital editions, goat sim on IOS now! Hardline adds GTA IV Cops v robers....

Nickel from Graphic Novice joins us late and we talk about which Green UP staff would take a role on Tailer Park Boys.  We talk some comic book shop headaches.

Our Mt. Rushmore is dedicated to the hot 2000's actress.

After Roy has to leave to do some stuff, Nickel and Ryan talk about podcasting and what our top 5 moives were this summer.  Nickel offers some help with taunting on Fantasy Football. on the twitters @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_UP_38.mp3
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Specail Guest TK1 aka Grant from 7 Days a Geek & The Last Podcaster Standing, joins Ryan in the studio.  We talk about our history of video games, what kind of games we enjoy.  What is means to be a 'Geek' and how we do our best to raise our children to be people that they would want to be.  Grant gives some great advice on podcasting and we play a couple games.

What would Ginger Do? & Mt. Rushmore on 80's TV Actors.

Direct download: Green_UP_with_TK1.mp3
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Ryan and Roy sit down in the studio again. Video game news about Destiny and the upcoming 6 player loots, xbox one is clicking now, GTAV just around the corner and Wii U finally gets Watchdogs.

Ryan reads a letter from Jerm, and Philip leaves a questions for his brother.

Shout out to our friend Sam from The Geek N Family Podcast.

MT Rushmore on our 4 fav 90's tv actors.

Direct download: Green_UP_37.mp3
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Special episode, I recorded with my friend Sam from the Geek N' Family Podcast.

We talk about Podcasting and what we are in it for, what it means to us.

The wonderful joy of fatherhood and what Geek means to us.

Enjoy this little bonus for our listeners!

Direct download: Green_UP_with_Sam.mp3
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Roy joins Ryan in the studio, after an long contract negotiation!

We announce we are now a part of the Tangent Bound Network and shout out to our Legion.

Dialbo 3, Madden, Minecraft and Sniper Elite 3 were played during the week.

Ryan is awaiting the season finale of The Leftovers, Roy is ready for the final season of Sons of Anarchy.  We chat about some of the few shows we are eager to have come in the next 2 months.

Video game news, on Minecraft and Destiny.

Mt Rushmore on our fav Football Coaches.

Roy shares why not to take a long road trip with him.  We share how you can help Green UP get some funds! 

Tech Time Teddy is re named Cave man Teddy...

Direct download: Green_Up_36.mp3
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Nickel joins Ryan and they talk about podcasting, what they look for in podcasts, how this journey has been for each of them.  We do a nice plug for Salty Language from the Pod Gods network.

The future of video games, Gambit and Hutchy joins Ryan to talk about Diablo 3.

Nickel and Ryan talk about their thoughts on the Leftovers from HBO, and VF surprises them with a jump in during the Mt Rushmore picks.

I do want to warn you this is a long episode, but it is great!

Direct download: Green_UP_35n.mp3
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Ryan, brings you the whole episode by himself.  You've been warned!


He starts off with some much needed info about Littleblokes and what they are about.  He brings you some news about Naughty Dog doing the right thing on the PS, Devolver and their new progect, Minecraft and its issues with the PS4 and possible Xbox 1 release.  MS's new Free play day with gold program.

His first thoughts of his hands on with Madden 15.

A very easy Mt Rushmore of his fav coaches.

Gives a nice plug to the Say What Podcast from Couch Potato Nation.

Direct download: Green_Up_34.mp3
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The Twist is back!  Well he's off duty.  

Missing our great Mofo, but the other 4 bring a show filled with some great stuff!

We talk about some of the content showed at Gamescom, and the huge video release of Call of Duty AW Multiplayer!

Ryan and Roy talk about Hard Knock on HBO, some NFL chatter and they rave about Legends on TnT.

Jerm brings a new '2 aint true' and takes part in his first Mt. Rushmore.

Direct download: Green_UP_33.mp3
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Special surprise call in with Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks!!

Roy and Tech Time Teddy (title may be removed) join Ryan to talk some TV shows: The Last Ship, Big Brother, Gang Related and The Strain.

We talk about the new DLC for CoD Ghosts and how much we like it! 

Ryan brings some news about the new Madden, CoD AW mulitplayer Video, Destiny, TF 3rd DLC, Gamescom, BBC iPlayer and WWE 2k15.

We talk about the 1st week of preseaon for the NFL, what we liked and what we didn't like.

We give some friends a nice shout out.


Direct download: Green_UP_32n.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:45pm PDT

Tom Jackson Jr joins Ryan to talk BBC shows: Intruders, Dr Who, Top Gear, Orphan Black & Almost Royal.  We talk about Podcasting and we enjoy talking about some good tv shows!

Direct download: Green_Up_31.5.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:48pm PDT

Dan from TBP Studios joins Ryan and we talk about what he got to play at SDCC.  Alien Isolation, Super Dead Rising 3 Remix and more.

We talk some comic book super heroes and the worst logo out there!

Major announements with Green UP and where you can find them!

Direct download: Green_Up_31.mp3
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Ryan, Roy & Philip bring some big thank you's for our last week as podcast of the month at  We also thank Neil from DAPF's for his outstanding job last week.

Not much in video game news, Xbox one update in August and a new FireFly Online news dedicasted to Jerm!  New Wonder Woman outfit!

Ryan and Roy give thier impressions on Destiny via a week of beta testing, and the hit it had on Live...

Cause Mofo Said So, brings the pain to Roy again.  We get another example of why he hates dogs.

New game of Mount Rushmore, this week was Super Heroes (fantasy draft style)

Don't forget to see our website and find us on twitter @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_UP_30.mp3
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We have a special guest this week Niel from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks joins us at the table to talk video games.

We bring you up to date news on the epic Destiny!  Beta is out for the PSN, and we are getting ready for the Beta on Live.  Is the game app's really that important?

Tech Time Teddy, talks about the up coming Live update and some ground breaking news on Marvel.

Ryan shares his adventure with his family and a Super Hero filled night.

Philip shares a story about when Roy took a header off a hill top and nearly died.

Favorite 3 Super Heroes are chosen.

We surpise Niel with What Would Annaleise Do?

Direct download: Green_UP_29.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:54pm PDT

Green UP team minus Jerm.  We thank everyone that helped us get Podcast of the Month on  We chat about Big Brother, and the 2nd episode of The Leftovers.  Roy and Ryan love Sniper Elite III.  We bring some video game news and run on about Madden (again).  Cause Mofo Said So, Philip brings a great story about Roy and his adventures with the 'green stuff'.  Tech Time Teddy brings a few items and Roy sets Ryan up with What would Ryan Do?

Direct download: Green_UP_28.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:19pm PDT

Tech Time Teddy returns with a story of surviving the rapids!

TJ and Michele from Bruised Thumbs join Teddy and Ryan to talk some video game news and talk about our 4th of July traditions.

Ryan praises The Leftovers from HBO and Sniper Elite III.

Bumpers are brought to you by Jilian!

Direct download: Green_Up_27.mp3
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Three Fatties are at it again!  

We announce our dominance on (40+ votes in less than 24 hours!)

World cup, Roy's a fan of soccer now.  Summer tv shows, The last ship & big brother.

Little game news, but we get balls deep in the FPS's and their future, whats wrong with the industry.

A few good FMK!

Alabama brothers tell a couple stories about Roy getting knocked out!

Game of What would Roy do?

Green UP/VvV Annual All Madden Team is announced.

We finish up with a bunch of our plugs.

Direct download: Green_UP_26.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:24pm PDT

Just the 3 fatties again.  We talk about some video game news, and give you our top 3 moments/stories from our first 24 episodes.


Dont forget to share with a friend, like our page and follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_Up_25.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:12pm PDT

Roy, Philip and Ryan wish everyone a Happy Father's Day.

Ryan cock blocks Roy.

We give a shout out to the Portland Superheroes Coalition!

Run down the games from E3.

Direct download: Green_UP_24.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:41pm PDT

Just Roy and Ryan, we drop some video game news.  Voice our full disapointment in the Xbox, and draft NFL players to replace the Unit tv cast.. @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_UP_23.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:58pm PDT

A little off show, 2 of us are sick, one was half asleep and Roy carried us.

Teddy brought a little Teddy Tech Time for us!

We drop some major props to our friends!

Top 5 cartoons of our childhood!


Don't forget to go to 

Direct download: Green_Up_22.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:51pm PDT

Got the big boys back! Roy, Philip and Hutchy join Ryan and the table this week.

Cause Mofo said so!  Comes with another great story!

Our top 3 summer movies are discussed.

Go read our blog at

Direct download: Green_UP_21.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:56pm PDT

Welcome to episode 20, we are missing our boys from the south but Tech Time Teddy makes his return.

One of our shortest episodes in a long time, we have some breaking news and we talk about some video game news.  Our top 3 returning/new shows for the summer, and Teddy drops some Tech Time on us.

Really, people are going to MARS!

Don't forget to follow us on Spreaker!  And goto for all your Green UP needs!

Direct download: Green_UP_20.mp3
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This weeks episdoe is big on content but thin on pun intented!

Roy, Honky and Tech Time Teddy couldn't make it, but Twist is save in Japan and Ryno brought a surpise guest!  Dan from Dan Sucks and Bruised Thumbs.

We talk about Call of Duty, the history of the company and the future game coming out this year.

We play a game of 'What would Roy Say?'

Direct download: Green_UP_19_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:46pm PDT

We do a horrible job selling Tesla cars.

Top 5 super hero movies was ruined by Roy.

Mofo starts his first of many 'Cause MoFo said so!'

Direct download: Green_UP_18.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:56pm PDT

We wanted to give Donnie a proper interview!  

Donnie is the creator of Kontrol Freeks, he brings us the story and history of how they were made and the steps he has gone through to get them where they are today.

Ryan brings a funny yet gross story from work, and it quickly gets turned into something to do with monkeys.....

Roy gets his punches in to our President.

Direct download: Green_UP_17_Donnie.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:08pm PDT

As today is Easter, I didn't want to pull our boys from their families.  Jerm and I intro you into our BBC specail we did with Tom Jackson Jr.

We talk Top Gear, Orphan Black & Dr. Who.  We pllug the hell out of 7 Days a Geek!

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Now email us at

We announce our contest winner!

Direct download: Green_UP_BBC_Episode.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:10pm PDT

Introducing Ted!  Our newest member of the show!  Your hosts: Ryan, Jerm, Roy & Philip are joined by the newest member of the Green UP staff.  We talk some Game of Thrones, The 100 from the CW and video games we played this week.

We talk some Gaming news and Ted drops some tech news.

Top 5 Horror movies.

And we introduce you to our new contest!

Direct download: Green_UP_15.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:29pm PDT

Welcome to the 2nd half of our Bruised Thumbs Crossover.

We do our top 3 80's tv shows.

Green UP vs Bruised Thumbs in the Green UP Podcast Games!

Direct download: Green_UP_14_BT_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:40pm PDT

We share the first portion of our cross over with Bruised Thumbs. and at twitter @bruisedthumbsVG

Jerm and I did a little intro to the episode, talked some video game news and shared some funny stories.

My wife joined the episode at the end to give Dan Murphy from the Mets some props.

Remember to like our facebook page, and follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast

Be on the look out as we will be releaseing the rest of our crossover soon!

Direct download: Green_UP_13_Btumbs_part_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:19pm PDT

This epsiode we had an interview with SS Rator, founder and leader of SS, Sea Snipers.  Find them at and on twitter @seasnipershq  Rator has been a friend of mine for years.  If you have played a Shooter in the last 6 years chances are you've seen or even bought one of his stratagy guides.  Don't forget to like our Facebook page; also follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_Up_Rator.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:09pm PDT

Top 5 sports teams of all time!  And of course we talk Titanfall, plug our friends: The History of Bad Ideas, Graphic Novice & Bruised Thumbs.

What would Hutchy Say? Comes back for part two!

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Direct download: Green_UP_11.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:04pm PDT

Full house again!

Big plug by Bruised Thumbs, thanks guys!


Top 5 Comedies of all time

What would Hutchy Say game?

Direct download: Green_UP_10.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:50pm PDT

Full table today!  Welcome to Green UP!

Give our shout outs to our friend The History of Bad Ideas Podcast & Graphic Novice Podcast

Quickly talk some video game news.

Plug Bruised Thumbs Podcast.

Top 5 Matt Damon movies.

Honky does his one true three!!!

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Direct download: Green_UP_9.mp3
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Welcome!  The new Green UP! is here!!

Ryno and Roy are joined by Roy's brother Honky and *drum roll* Jeremy!  An old friend from VvV!

As we get warmed up we talk about the politics of the homeless.....

Plug our friends over at the History of Bad Ideas Podcast on twitter @BadIdeasPodcast and

Bruised Thumbs Podcast on twitter @bruisedthumbsvg

Our top 5 NES games of all time.

Jerm does a one true three (three stories but only one is true)

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Direct download: Green_Up_8.mp3
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Snakedoc and Ryno at it again!

No movie trailers.....tiny video game news....not much on the tv front....

But we talk about our top 5 toys of our childhood!

Want to help us out, find us on Facebook Green UP Podcast and on twitter @greenuppodcast

Direct download: Green_Up_7.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:43pm PDT

No hutch, just the Ryno and Snakedoc!

Ryno adds his Ryno Rant for the week... We review The Pruge Anarchy and Divergent movie trailer.  Talk some video game news and Titanfall is the main topic.  VvV celebrates its 10 year anniversary!  We plug a couple good podcast.

Bad Ideas Podcast @badideaspodcast and at

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Top 3 worse 360 games ever played!

Snakedoc talks about The Walking Dead

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This week, we review a couple movie trialers and drop some video game news on ya!

Special guest on our full table is none other than Dirt Diver!

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Give Hutchy a hard time, even though he is the star!

Snakedoc gets a little sensitive due to a photo being released.....

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For the first time we have a full house! Snakedoc and Hutchy make it to the show!!  We talk about our top 10 shooters of all time.  Friday Night Tykes on Esquire, and the rage it cause Kokido!  Snakedoc brought us SOFREP, a great podcast on real time operators in the military. You can find them at, on twitter @sofrep and on iTunes SOFREP!  You like military give them a listen!  

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Episode #3, no Hutchy this time.  The A team Kokido and Snakedoc!  We get started on Koki ranting about customers and then we talk a couple movie trailers, Snakedoc compares Ombaha to Hitler.....We look back on the week in the NFL and of course talk about Sherman and his rant. Little tv, podcasting and gaming talk but we'll get it back next week.  Be sure hit us on twitter @vvvgreenup and feel free to drop by our site!

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