Green UP Gaming!

Ryan has to scramble to find a co-host for the week.

Chris from A.D.O. Radio was free and joined him.

They break down the regular formula:

Thank you's

Tv shows: American Horror Story & The Librairans on TNT.

Games: Fifa, Fight Night

Game News: MS & Sony get hacked

Ryan interviews Chris on his podcast

Fav 5 Podcasts

We tweet Zachary Quinto from AHS, Star Trek and Heros.


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Ryan is joined with Roy, Philip and Hutchy!

What a week after a double episode week! The guys give thanks to all thoughs that helped!

1st DL in Armed Forces, Europe, Middle EAST!

We were welcomed back into the Musings of a Geek Podcast Network.

Philip talks about his addiction to Breaking Bad.

Ryan was on Moving the Needle Podcast this week!

Game stories: Ryan got the beta code for Aztez, MS rumored a VR kit and Xbox One has new media apps.

Mofo's story, his bacherlor party! ENOUGH SAID!

Fav 5 Christmas Gifts.

Philip got his 100th follower, and we still need more reviews on iTunes.

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A Plan in the works for months!!! 

Green UP and Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Holiday Spectacular 2014 (Minus DAPF)

*Due to some miscommunication DAPF was unable to make it*

The Green Up Staff: Ryan, Roy Philip Tech Time Teddy & Hutchy sit around the fireplace (their computers) and share some holiday traditions. 

Ryan comes with some games for the guys!

Family Feud Holiday Game

High/Low Game

One of these is not true!

Philip shares his best fishing trip wish results in him and his brother getting a rabies shots. One of the greatest stories!

We thank all our listeners and friends.

Happy Holidays! 

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Ryan is joined with Roy, Philip and Tech Time Teddy.

Ryan checks in with everyone and how their week was.  He thanks all the listeners and their support over this last week. Ricky sends us a great email!

Ryan shares a story about his TV issues and his battle with loosing one of his players.

TV talk, Ryan's started watching Black-ish and we move onto Podcast news.

Ryan speaks highly of the 3 Cuckoos Podcast and Dropping Loads Podcast.

None of us are really playing any games.

Video Game News, Xbox finally out sells the PS4, Games that are on sale and Witcher 3 is delayed.

Mofo brings a story about the Game Warden and a fake deer, which Roy molests and nearly kills himself with.

Favorite 5 Christmas time movies.

Shout ous and plugs!

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I finally get to sit down with one of my podcasting idols!

Jason from 7 Days a Geek, the Angry Ginger known by his friends, joins me to talk about podcasting, the joy's of fatherhood and I have a game saved for him!

I ask Jason about 7 Days a Geek, what is it about, how it got started and what the future plans are for 7DAG.

Mr @Angry_OZ_Geek helps me with the game, and after we talk some video games!


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Ryan is joined with Roy, Philip and Hutchy!

Talk about our Thanksgivings, and what games we played over the last week.

Black Friday deals that we jumped on?

Philip brings a story about him and Roy moving a shooting house on Thanksgiving a few years ago, they have a run in with some bees.

Fav 5 Holiday dishes.

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Ryan, Roy, Philip and Tech Time Teddy are joined with an old friend! Hutchy joins us!

Ryan, gives a nice thanks to the listeners and Courtney The Game Huntress for the interview she did on him.

Ryan gives a little update on the Fatty Podcaster.

We chat about playing AC, COD and NBA 2k15.

The Flash, The 100, Scorpion and SOA are talked about.

Video game news, Xbox celebrates its 1st birthday, Digtital downloads vs hard copies and Black Friday deals are discussed.

Philip shares a story about him and his brother cleaning up some rodents.

Our Fav 5 Desserts are announced!

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On this specail episode of Green UP Gaming.

Ryan is joined with Tech Time Teddy and Grant from 7 days a geek.  Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freeks was invited but we can't seem to locate him...

After the intro's and thank you's Ryan updates you on his eating habits and his little vicories.

We talk about The Blacklist's mid season finale, and how well The Flash is.  Ryan and Teddy finally get to chat about The 100.

And Ryan raves about the new Xmen movie (days of future past)

Video Game news, whats coming out this week, the Evolve Alpha, 343's clean up of Halo, Teddy talks about the new COD and Grant goes on how amazing the Wii U is.

Podcasting I update you all on the 30 days of podcastin gfrom teh 7 Days a Geek podcast, and my part in the Graphic Novices Wolverine Memorial Kareoke Jam.

Tech Time Teddy segment returns!

Fav 5 2014 video games. and on twitter @greenuppodcast

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On this episode of Green UP Gaming. Ryan interviews Steve Kasan from the ComedyCoup project Wasted.  The CBC ComedyCoup challenge where a winnning project will be awarded a prime time special on the CBC Network.

Ryan and Steve talk about the full run down of what Wasted is about and how we can help him make this a success!

Ryan finds out more about Steves past and other present projects.  They dive into gaming and Zombie movies.

To help Steve, please goto vote and help them make this happen!



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Ryan is joined with Roy and Philip with a special apperance by Tech Time Teddy!

Ryan asks Philip and Roy about some coaching advice, Ryan thanks the listeners and those that reached out this last week.

TV chat is praising The Blacklist, The 100 and Ryan has some more questions about The Walking Dead.

We watched the Dumb and Dumber To trailer, and jump into Video game news.

Xbox sale, and PS4 sale. Modded Xbox One & 360 in one!

Ryan talks about Bold and Belligerent & Attention Deficit Order Podcasts.

Cause Mofo Said So: Why not to smoke weed!

Fav 5 tv shows of all time.

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