Green UP Gaming!

We wanted to give Donnie a proper interview!  

Donnie is the creator of Kontrol Freeks, he brings us the story and history of how they were made and the steps he has gone through to get them where they are today.

Ryan brings a funny yet gross story from work, and it quickly gets turned into something to do with monkeys.....

Roy gets his punches in to our President.

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As today is Easter, I didn't want to pull our boys from their families.  Jerm and I intro you into our BBC specail we did with Tom Jackson Jr.

We talk Top Gear, Orphan Black & Dr. Who.  We pllug the hell out of 7 Days a Geek!

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We announce our contest winner!

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Introducing Ted!  Our newest member of the show!  Your hosts: Ryan, Jerm, Roy & Philip are joined by the newest member of the Green UP staff.  We talk some Game of Thrones, The 100 from the CW and video games we played this week.

We talk some Gaming news and Ted drops some tech news.

Top 5 Horror movies.

And we introduce you to our new contest!

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Welcome to the 2nd half of our Bruised Thumbs Crossover.

We do our top 3 80's tv shows.

Green UP vs Bruised Thumbs in the Green UP Podcast Games!

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We share the first portion of our cross over with Bruised Thumbs. and at twitter @bruisedthumbsVG

Jerm and I did a little intro to the episode, talked some video game news and shared some funny stories.

My wife joined the episode at the end to give Dan Murphy from the Mets some props.

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Be on the look out as we will be releaseing the rest of our crossover soon!

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