Green UP Gaming!

Got the big boys back! Roy, Philip and Hutchy join Ryan and the table this week.

Cause Mofo said so!  Comes with another great story!

Our top 3 summer movies are discussed.

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Welcome to episode 20, we are missing our boys from the south but Tech Time Teddy makes his return.

One of our shortest episodes in a long time, we have some breaking news and we talk about some video game news.  Our top 3 returning/new shows for the summer, and Teddy drops some Tech Time on us.

Really, people are going to MARS!

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This weeks episdoe is big on content but thin on pun intented!

Roy, Honky and Tech Time Teddy couldn't make it, but Twist is save in Japan and Ryno brought a surpise guest!  Dan from Dan Sucks and Bruised Thumbs.

We talk about Call of Duty, the history of the company and the future game coming out this year.

We play a game of 'What would Roy Say?'

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We do a horrible job selling Tesla cars.

Top 5 super hero movies was ruined by Roy.

Mofo starts his first of many 'Cause MoFo said so!'

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