Green UP Gaming!

Three Fatties are at it again!  

We announce our dominance on (40+ votes in less than 24 hours!)

World cup, Roy's a fan of soccer now.  Summer tv shows, The last ship & big brother.

Little game news, but we get balls deep in the FPS's and their future, whats wrong with the industry.

A few good FMK!

Alabama brothers tell a couple stories about Roy getting knocked out!

Game of What would Roy do?

Green UP/VvV Annual All Madden Team is announced.

We finish up with a bunch of our plugs.

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Just the 3 fatties again.  We talk about some video game news, and give you our top 3 moments/stories from our first 24 episodes.


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Roy, Philip and Ryan wish everyone a Happy Father's Day.

Ryan cock blocks Roy.

We give a shout out to the Portland Superheroes Coalition!

Run down the games from E3.

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Just Roy and Ryan, we drop some video game news.  Voice our full disapointment in the Xbox, and draft NFL players to replace the Unit tv cast.. @greenuppodcast

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A little off show, 2 of us are sick, one was half asleep and Roy carried us.

Teddy brought a little Teddy Tech Time for us!

We drop some major props to our friends!

Top 5 cartoons of our childhood!


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