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Ryan, Roy & Philip bring some big thank you's for our last week as podcast of the month at  We also thank Neil from DAPF's for his outstanding job last week.

Not much in video game news, Xbox one update in August and a new FireFly Online news dedicasted to Jerm!  New Wonder Woman outfit!

Ryan and Roy give thier impressions on Destiny via a week of beta testing, and the hit it had on Live...

Cause Mofo Said So, brings the pain to Roy again.  We get another example of why he hates dogs.

New game of Mount Rushmore, this week was Super Heroes (fantasy draft style)

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We have a special guest this week Niel from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks joins us at the table to talk video games.

We bring you up to date news on the epic Destiny!  Beta is out for the PSN, and we are getting ready for the Beta on Live.  Is the game app's really that important?

Tech Time Teddy, talks about the up coming Live update and some ground breaking news on Marvel.

Ryan shares his adventure with his family and a Super Hero filled night.

Philip shares a story about when Roy took a header off a hill top and nearly died.

Favorite 3 Super Heroes are chosen.

We surpise Niel with What Would Annaleise Do?

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Green UP team minus Jerm.  We thank everyone that helped us get Podcast of the Month on  We chat about Big Brother, and the 2nd episode of The Leftovers.  Roy and Ryan love Sniper Elite III.  We bring some video game news and run on about Madden (again).  Cause Mofo Said So, Philip brings a great story about Roy and his adventures with the 'green stuff'.  Tech Time Teddy brings a few items and Roy sets Ryan up with What would Ryan Do?

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Tech Time Teddy returns with a story of surviving the rapids!

TJ and Michele from Bruised Thumbs join Teddy and Ryan to talk some video game news and talk about our 4th of July traditions.

Ryan praises The Leftovers from HBO and Sniper Elite III.

Bumpers are brought to you by Jilian!

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