Green UP Gaming!

Nickel joins Ryan and they talk about podcasting, what they look for in podcasts, how this journey has been for each of them.  We do a nice plug for Salty Language from the Pod Gods network.

The future of video games, Gambit and Hutchy joins Ryan to talk about Diablo 3.

Nickel and Ryan talk about their thoughts on the Leftovers from HBO, and VF surprises them with a jump in during the Mt Rushmore picks.

I do want to warn you this is a long episode, but it is great!

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Ryan, brings you the whole episode by himself.  You've been warned!


He starts off with some much needed info about Littleblokes and what they are about.  He brings you some news about Naughty Dog doing the right thing on the PS, Devolver and their new progect, Minecraft and its issues with the PS4 and possible Xbox 1 release.  MS's new Free play day with gold program.

His first thoughts of his hands on with Madden 15.

A very easy Mt Rushmore of his fav coaches.

Gives a nice plug to the Say What Podcast from Couch Potato Nation.

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The Twist is back!  Well he's off duty.  

Missing our great Mofo, but the other 4 bring a show filled with some great stuff!

We talk about some of the content showed at Gamescom, and the huge video release of Call of Duty AW Multiplayer!

Ryan and Roy talk about Hard Knock on HBO, some NFL chatter and they rave about Legends on TnT.

Jerm brings a new '2 aint true' and takes part in his first Mt. Rushmore.

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Special surprise call in with Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks!!

Roy and Tech Time Teddy (title may be removed) join Ryan to talk some TV shows: The Last Ship, Big Brother, Gang Related and The Strain.

We talk about the new DLC for CoD Ghosts and how much we like it! 

Ryan brings some news about the new Madden, CoD AW mulitplayer Video, Destiny, TF 3rd DLC, Gamescom, BBC iPlayer and WWE 2k15.

We talk about the 1st week of preseaon for the NFL, what we liked and what we didn't like.

We give some friends a nice shout out.


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Tom Jackson Jr joins Ryan to talk BBC shows: Intruders, Dr Who, Top Gear, Orphan Black & Almost Royal.  We talk about Podcasting and we enjoy talking about some good tv shows!

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Dan from TBP Studios joins Ryan and we talk about what he got to play at SDCC.  Alien Isolation, Super Dead Rising 3 Remix and more.

We talk some comic book super heroes and the worst logo out there!

Major announements with Green UP and where you can find them!

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