Green UP Gaming!

Ryan is joined with his 2 best friends from Alabama! That right the return of Philip!

We start off with some thoughts on the new Gotham and Scorpion tv show.  Some video games news, Roy is un happy with the changes Bungie has made with Destiny. The Crew Beta is coming out. MS slacks on the Xbox One Game of the month.  Ryan gives a little intro into hashtag gamergate.

Ryan give a little plug of Gotham Knights a Gotham Fancast found on the twitter @b4thebat

Cause Mofo Said So, is a story about them trying their hand at survival tv and the attack of a killer turtle!

Our final Mt. Rushmore is dedicated to Women in music!

Ryan announces his toy drive info.

Find us at and on the twitters @greenuppodcast

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Roy and Ryan talk about the new fall shows they are looking forward too and drop some Video Game news, new Destiny Events this week, Forza Horizon 2 digital editions, goat sim on IOS now! Hardline adds GTA IV Cops v robers....

Nickel from Graphic Novice joins us late and we talk about which Green UP staff would take a role on Tailer Park Boys.  We talk some comic book shop headaches.

Our Mt. Rushmore is dedicated to the hot 2000's actress.

After Roy has to leave to do some stuff, Nickel and Ryan talk about podcasting and what our top 5 moives were this summer.  Nickel offers some help with taunting on Fantasy Football. on the twitters @greenuppodcast

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Specail Guest TK1 aka Grant from 7 Days a Geek & The Last Podcaster Standing, joins Ryan in the studio.  We talk about our history of video games, what kind of games we enjoy.  What is means to be a 'Geek' and how we do our best to raise our children to be people that they would want to be.  Grant gives some great advice on podcasting and we play a couple games.

What would Ginger Do? & Mt. Rushmore on 80's TV Actors.

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Ryan and Roy sit down in the studio again. Video game news about Destiny and the upcoming 6 player loots, xbox one is clicking now, GTAV just around the corner and Wii U finally gets Watchdogs.

Ryan reads a letter from Jerm, and Philip leaves a questions for his brother.

Shout out to our friend Sam from The Geek N Family Podcast.

MT Rushmore on our 4 fav 90's tv actors.

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Special episode, I recorded with my friend Sam from the Geek N' Family Podcast.

We talk about Podcasting and what we are in it for, what it means to us.

The wonderful joy of fatherhood and what Geek means to us.

Enjoy this little bonus for our listeners!

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Roy joins Ryan in the studio, after an long contract negotiation!

We announce we are now a part of the Tangent Bound Network and shout out to our Legion.

Dialbo 3, Madden, Minecraft and Sniper Elite 3 were played during the week.

Ryan is awaiting the season finale of The Leftovers, Roy is ready for the final season of Sons of Anarchy.  We chat about some of the few shows we are eager to have come in the next 2 months.

Video game news, on Minecraft and Destiny.

Mt Rushmore on our fav Football Coaches.

Roy shares why not to take a long road trip with him.  We share how you can help Green UP get some funds! 

Tech Time Teddy is re named Cave man Teddy...

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