Green UP Gaming!

Ryan, Roy and Philip make the journy again!  We talk about our little podcast being plugged on Libsyn's Blog and podcast.

Tv talk: Gotham, The Flash, Blacklist, The 100, Scorpion and The Walking Dead.

Video game news: PS TV, Xbox One sale rumored, Xbox update for November and PS Share Play.

Philip shares a story about his first Poop Coach, and Ryan and Roy have to compete with that! Ryan has to squeeze when he has no more porta potty to use, and Roy points out his siblings where less than kind with his cosutmes.

Fav 5 Halloween Movies

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DON'T FORGET to go listen to our interview with Ben Ruiz! I had to split the episodes up.

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I got to sit down with Ben Ruiz from Team Colorblind and we talked about his new game Aztez.

How he got started, what was his inspirations for a 'Beat em up' game and what can we look for in Aztez.  Thoses are just some of the questions he gets asked.


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Ryan is joined with Roy & Philip with a little bit of Jillian in the background.

The guys talk about how Roy watched the first episode of Gotham, Ryan enjoyed Scorpion and The Flash. Roy and Philip are amazed with the Walking Dead!

Roy points out a HUGE flaw with Destiny and the DLC, Ryan complains about the lack of realism with the new Forza.

Ryan brings you a big run down on Unity as it comes out next month, if you want to know more about the game, be sure to listen!

Philip brings 2 stories again, Mo the Bull and Fire Ants can swim!

Our fav 5 candy bars!

A specail end from Jillian.

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Ryan is joined with Roy & Philip again.

We chat about Forza Horizon 2 and Destiny as the majority of our gaming for the week.

Walking Dead, Stalker, Scorpion and Gotham were discussed during TV chat.

With Video Game News we cover Evolve's Alpha, ACreed button change, Diable 3 new content and the huge CoD AW install.

I do a quick review of Hillbilly Nerd Talk, found at and on twitter @hillbillynerdtalk1

2 stories from Philip! Thats right 2!!! One about making sure youths understand what you are trying to tell them and a story about an electric fence, a pond and 2 brothers shitting their pants.

Fav 5 ice cream flavors in honor of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks. and on the twitter @greenuppodcast

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Grant aka TK1 from 7 Days a Geek rejoined me to chat about some of the Fall TV shows that have came out.

We chat about Blacklist, Gotham, Flash, Scorpion, Gracepoint, Stalker, Intruders, The 100, Arrow, Longmire, Outlanders, How to Get Away with Murder, Forever and a little Dr Who.

Grant and I move on to photography and podcasting.

No video game chatter, but tons of tv talk, be sure to tweet us and let us know what you think @greenuppodcast and @insta_grants2

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Recorded on an odd night for us, but when you can chat with the Alabama Brothers you can't pass it up.

We give props and thanks to our many listeners and welcome all those who just started. 

Roy talks about Destiny and how he lost a game of madden to Hutchy!!  

Gotham, Scorpion and the Blacklist are topics for our tv talk.

Video game news, a huge disapointmen and I am sorry for that!

Ryan plugs Gotham Knights a Gotham Fancast!

Philip brings a story of EPIC funny! Roy follows it up with one of his own!

In honor of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks we start our first of many Fav 5's.

Shout outs to all our fans and supporters!

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Mandy aka LadyLuck from Gamertag Radio joins me.

We talk about her introducation into gaming, podcasting and how she joined the top Video Gaming Podcast. 

I ask her, what is it like to be a woman in the video gaming industry and we dive into the world of #GamerGate.  We give you the low down of how it got started and the good and bad of social media.

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