Green UP Gaming!

Ryan is joined with Roy and Hutchy.

No show notes and recording a day early (due to the Superbowl) leaves for a odd feeling for Ryan.

The show is quickly derailed from the start.

Roy and Hutchy talk about NHL 15, and Ryan compares it to FIFA 15.  We discuss why we miss NCAA and how EA could make it work.

We share a tip we learned how to get the new games on Gamefly and Ryan brings info on Feb Games with Gold for the Xbox One #IDARB and how he thinks its going to be a blast to play! 

We start talking about the Superbowl, then we have a conversation about Professional Athletes missing the birth of their children due to work.

We share our scores we expect to see after the big game.

Ryan and Hutch are enjoying Backstrom, and Ryan updates a little on Helix and 12 Monkeys.

Podcast Spotlight is Bruised Thumbs, found at and @bruisedthumbsvg on twitter.

We follow a player in the Superbowl with hopes of a RT!

Ryan talks about his new show on the Green Up Feed: Conversations with Coach.

Ryan was on Graphic Novice! 

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Welcome to the first Green Up presents Converstations with Coach.

I am happy to finally get this off the ground.  Over the last couple months I have had some big plans for episode #1 for CwC.  But something kept getting in the way, after this last week a few things fell into place and I went back to this recording I did with Grant a couple months ago, and since I just havn't had the space on our acccount to release it (due to it being 2.5 hours long).

Well the time has come and here it is, at the time of this recording was made Grant was flirting with the idea to start his own podcast, and I offered to help in any way.  I set up the time, did the recording, editing, producing and now marking for this episode but the content was all Grant.

This episode is long, yes but some great questions were asked and it, to me, flows like a nice conversation.  Grant asks some really good questions, some are 'cheeky' and some will give you a chance to get to know me a little better.

So please enjoy, and if you can drop us a line on twitter @greenuppodcast for me and @TheStrangerCons for Grant.  If you really love this one, then give the voice mail a call at (424) COACH 35!

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Ryan, Roy, Hutch & Tech Time Teddy are joined with Ricky one of our long time Green Up Legion members all the way from Australia! 

After greetings and thank yous for the week are done.

Ryan updates you all on his changes he made and how they effected him.

We talk about what games we are playing and then dive into part 2 of the violence in video games conversation that we started last week.

Then we talk about the NFL, and the deflategate.

During TV talk, Ryan intros the guys to Hack My Life, 12 Monkeys and Backstrom.  Ryan and Roy sell everyone on Peaky Blinders and Marco Polo.  Ricky brings up The 100, which give Ryan and Roy some vindication! 

Podcast talk, Ryan gives a plug for Growing Up Not Growing Old, ADO Radio and Say What Podcast.

The boys then follow and tweet another Celeb, again I don't have hope for a re-tweet.

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Ryan i sjoined with Tech Time Teddy and Hutchy.

Ryan has a rough week, but the guys talk about Peaky Blinders, Agent Carter, helix, Justified and the upcoming Backstrom, 24 without the Keif, X files coming back and Gotham getting a 2nd season.

Ryan gives another plug for th eGrowing Up not Growing Old Podcast.

The guys debate the violence in video games as Hatred gets the Adult Only rating.

They follow and tweet Hayley Atwell and give some quick shout outs.

@greenuppodcast on twitter

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Green Up's Old Lefty Awards,
This week we take a look back at the year in TV, Movies, Video Games and our own podcast.  We cover quite a bit, but as we stick to our own taste, since thats what we know.  We have some guests announce a few of our Green Up Old Lefty Awards, which was a lot of fun.  Be sure to sit back, listen and let us know how our awards came out.  Another look back at a great 2014!
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Welcome to the 1 year show of Green UP!

Everyone is back for this episode!  Thanks are given to our listeners, new announcements for the show are done.

We talk Peaky Blinders and American Horror Story.

Growing Up Not Growing Old Podcast and Geek Dig Podcast are enjoyed by Ryan.

Couch Potato Nation has a new name! Pod Damn Network!

Video Game news is a flop, something about a hacker being caught and the Xbox One and Live creator leaves MS.

Philip's story has an old wound for Roy. Their little horse, is the families pride and joy when little ole Roy gets all dressed up on it, Philip finally gets his revenge only for the horse to have the last laugh.

Our Final Fav 5 in DAPF honor: Our fav 5 moments from the last year.

We follow and tweet a hottie on twitter! @greenuppodcast and call our voicemail (424) COACH 35

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