Green UP Gaming!

Ryan is joined with Clint aka 'Vengeful Jedi' from Geek Dig Podcast.

We celebrate Green Up 2.0's 1st ever Live show, and Ryan thanks all those that came out to support him.

Dig on USA, iZombie on CW, 12 Monkeys, TWD/FTWD and the upcoming Heroes are the tv talk for the week.

Ryan lets you know what the April Xbox Games with Gold are (both one and 360).

We debate game exclusives and have you ever wondered how they make the sound effects for Mortal Combat? 

We discuss if DLC for games should be free at some point and Ryan has a way to make Madden better!

Ryan Shouts out to the Say What Podcast and A.D.O. Radio.

Check out the updates at follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and call the voice mail! (424) COACH 35

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Welcome to the new Green Up!

New equipment, smaller crew and same great content!

Ryan and Teddy are joined with Dan from TBP Studios and Dan Sucks.

We dive right into Battlefield Hardline and how the guides are made.

Teddy talks about the Flash and we watch the pilot of iZombie.

Ryan watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.

We have a conversations about being too PC on podcasts or is it just freedom of speech?

Ryan plays Clint's 1st voicemail.

Ryan plays a part of Graphic Novice where VF calls him out on stealing his cohost.

Be sure to call the voicemail (424) COACH 35

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This week we are joined with Jedi aka Clint from the Geek Dig Podcast.

We update you on our last 2 weeks and announce joined the Danger Entertainment Network.

We have 2 weeks of The Walking Dead to talk about! 

The 'Wank Band' is discussed.

Videogame news: Rock Band 4, Battlefield Hardline running better on PS4, Halo MC match making issues, Far Cry 4's new DLC, Titanfall 2 & Goat Sim.

New Ghostbuster movie, HBO Now on Apple devices.

3 listener Voicemails:

Tristan, on the growth of video games.

Henno, on his story of being a Soccer player.

Tony, violence in video games.

We pick Teddy's new juice mix! 


March Xbox One update, Pi Day, IOS 8.3 beta, Youtube supports 360 degree videos and Space Solar Power Systems.

The shout outs drags on but some good laughes are had! 

424 COACH 35 @greenuppodcast

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We recorded on an early day, zero show notes I quickly went to our friends on twitter to get some questions for the episode.

Big thanks to our friends that helped us out on short notice.

'What we think of the upcoming Mad Max game'

'What was our best coaching moment?'

'If you had to take a bath in any other liquid other than water what would it be?'

'Do we have any hidden talents?'

'Have we every cried after sex?'

'If we could make any cheesy action movie into a game what would it be?'

Comic Corner with Coach and Nickel from Graphic Novice takes on trade #1 of Y: The Last Man.

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I sit down with my cohosst Roy @dominus_victor from Green Up Gaming! 

This is a week late, as it was going to be for Feburary. Sorry for being late! 

He and I talk you through our history, how we met and what we have been through.

We talk about so serious topics. Are there still Soviet spies in the US? How do we handle the issues in the Middle East?  What our best time Coaching Football was?

It was a blast and please continue the conversation, tweet us @greenuppodcast and @dominus_victor.  Then call the voicemail! (424) COACH 35

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The boys are back!

We update you on the new segments that are coming out this month!

KFC edible coffee cup, UK only!

Netflix, whats new, whats coming out and how binge watching has changed how we watch shows.

A couple 360 games that we played last week.

Battlefield Hardline news is talked about.

We take a voicemail on the show and discuss 'early access in gaming good or bad?'

Premier League was a good weekend!

We give our respects to Leonard Nimoy and Robin Williams.

Philip gives a teaser for his story.

And we finish the show with Walking Dead.

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