Green UP Gaming!

Welcome to Green Up 2.0.  Jillian is back by popular demand and we brought a guest.  Green Up’s very first in studio guest!  Grammy joins us to have some being on her first ever podcast!

Ryan thanks the million of Green Up listeners for supporting the show and all the kind words for last weeks show.  

Ryan gives a few shout outs to some podcasts: WTWN, GUNGO, DAPF and GN.

Ryan calls who will be the most sought out podcaster at RCCC.

He updates on last weeks #sociallicking

Jillian has another birthday story to share.

E3 coverage and Ryan asks what games are you hoping to get information on?

We announce Name our Mascot #showsmascot

Jillian teaches you on Bears and Fish this week.

Ryan lets you in on his project he has been working on.

Happy Memorial Day and Ryan tells you how you can help say thank you to a Veteran.

Intro music by Henno.

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Welcome to my 10th episode of Green Up 2.0!  This weeks specail guest is my very own Jillian! She quickly lets you know who the best at podcasting is!

I ask for some advice on my twitter following cap at 2,000.

Big shout out to Graphic Novice, mainly because Nickel broke my heart.

Big thanks to Neil and Nickel for helping out the last two weeks!

Tech Time Teddy Update.

Thank you to the Say What Podcast for their kind words and I call out their very own Grahm Kwasnick on the show!

Jillian talks about her Soccer, T-Ball and her latest birthday party she got to go to.

I ask for some advice on funding for Green Up.

I introduce Jillian to Star Wars.

I give you my thoughts on the end of The Blacklist Season 2.

And we finish the show with Jillian teaching you about turtles and lions.


Have a fun drinking game either when I say a word wrong or Jillian claps!

Intro music by Henno.

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Ryan is joined with Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast.

Neil gives Green Up an update on DAPF and what they have been up to.  We talk about if we could have anyone on the show who would it be.  We get a little deep about what it is to podcast for us and we share the end of Gotham Knights but the beginning of Gotham Lights.  The story of how Ryan died, our plans for Rose City Comic Con and any plans for Free Comic Book Day.  We finish up with some tv talk and some of the video games we are looking forward to for the rest of the year. 

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On this specail episode of Green Up 2.0.  Ryan is joined with Nickel from the Graphic Novice Podcast.

The guys talk about the changes with their podcasts, the end of Gotham Knights and the birth of Gotham Lights.  Ryan asks 'if you could have anyone on your show who would it be?'

Nickel gets the breaking news first!

Nickel brings 12 Questions that will make Ryan fall in love with him more.

We discuss Rose City Comic Con

Free Comic Book Day.

Comic Corner with Nickel: Y the Last Man

Netflix's 2 new shows: Between and Sense8

The 2015 World Video Game Hall of Fame Finalist. 

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