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Welcome back to Green Up!  I am very sorry for missing last week, but life just got in the way.  I am back with my dear friend Dan from Dan Sucks!  He and I talk about his work on Madden, and how I think they could make the game better, we geek out on the Women’s World Cup, MLS and the Premier League.  I update everyone on the Tshirt status, and we jump into what’s new with Dan.  We talk about his experience at his first E3 and how awesome it was.  He talks about his twitch channel and how he got started.  We discuss the benefits of running a good channel/podcast and how to use ‘tips’.  I made it through and I am officially a Sea Sniper!  I chat about a few tv shows I am getting into this summer; The Last Ship, Big Brother and Sense8.  We got a voicemail from Tony from Salty Language Podcast.

Intro music by Henno.

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Ryan is joined with Tech Time Teddy!

Teddy drops a big RCCC announcement, we discuss why we don't want to mess with Annaleis from DAPF and we give Graphic Novice some mad love.

Teddy gets 4k certified and more big news about triple T!

Don't forget to order your Green Up Tshirts! 

TV shows: Mr. Robot, Game of Thrones, iZombie, Bosch, Wayward Pines, Banshee and Strike Back.

We chat about the last movies we saw, Mad Max and the Maze Runner.

We let you know about the top games we are excited for E#.

I give you a baby update.

Tech Time Teddy brings you the top 10 gifts for Fathers Day and any Grad you may have.  He also gives you what not to buy!

Intro by Henno.

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Ryan and Jillian are back at it.

Ryan thanks all you wonderful listeners and has the big Green Up T-Shirt announcement!

Ryan talks about a few games he is looking forward to with the upcoming E3.

Jillian teaches you about Sea Gulls and talks about her first time watching Jumanji.

Ryan shares his thoughts on Game of Thrones, Between and Wayward Pines thus far.


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Green Up 2.0's #1 co-host is back! Jillian returns!

Ryan talks about updating the website, be sure to check out the new Giving Back section.  And leave a comment!

T-shirt updates!  Very very soon, Ryan gives some spoilers and lets you know what to expect.

Jillian talks about her graduation from preschool and asks 'if you have ever had a bad dream?'

We finally pick a name for our mascot! 

Spreing football starts for Coach!

Jillian teaches you about whales this week.

Game of Thrones, Ballers on HBO and Between on Netflix.

Intro done by Henno.

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