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Ryan is joined with Teddy to welcome for the first time on Green Up! Eric from the Ladies Night Podcast!  After the introductions and shameless plugs the boys talk about how their week went and Ryan shares a story about their trip to the fair and stranger danger at a birthday party.  Ryan shares his love for Graphic Novice and the topics they talked about this week on their show, toilets and embargos.  Ryan plugs his instagram and twitch stuff again.  We get to know Eric and more about Ladies Night Podcast.  We find out about how he became a tattoo artist and get some inside tricks of the trade.  We talk about podcasting and why Eric got started with it.  Eric calls us out for not having any video game news or tech news, but we chat a little about what game he is playing and if there are any he is looking forward to.  As we finish up we chat about what tv shows we are watching and enjoying.

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Ryan is joined with Clint at his semi-permanent spot on the Green Up Staff.  They talk about how their week has been, Ryan got to go see Manchester United up in Seattle and has a great time.  Clint has an ok week.  Ryan updates those that have bought a tshirt when he is shipping them out.  Before they dive into the week news he has a few ideas for podcasting material for Rose City Comic Con.  Ryan talks about being sucked into The Whispers on ABC and how he is enjoying Mr. Robot, Wayward Pines and how he can’t wait to start True Detective and introduces you to Narco, a new Drug Cartel/Drug war tv show on Netflix that comes out 8/28.  Clint is getting into Anime…..  With video game stuff, Ryan shares who will be on the cover of the new FiFA 16 and they find a nice surprise on their Google search.  Clint makes a phone call and records it, we will link to it later, and Ryan has a great idea for Leaptrade!

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Ryan is joined with Tech Time Teddy and Clint from Geek Dig.  The boys are in a less than good mood and together they produce a depressing attempt at a good show.  Clint tells us how he celebrated his birthday.  Teddy updates us on all his projects and Ryan shares his issues with hippies.  We share our favorite 5 things about summer, and we point out a few shows to avoid watching.  And we talk about the podcasts we listened to last week.  

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Ryan is joined by Clint from Geek Dig Podcast tonight.  A last minute deal put them together again after a few months.  They talk about how their 4th of July weekend was and what their top 5 moments were.  Ryan reminds you how you can help support Green Up and Clint updates us on all of his projects.  The guys talk about some tv shows they wish they were watching and what shows they are geeking out about.  Ryan got some great questions from twitter and they have fun answering them.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Green Up’s twitch page!

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Happy 4th of July!  A day late and a buck short!  I had a hard time getting time to record with a guest so I sat down to record something.  I promised an extra episode this week so I have to deliver!  I update you on my week, give you a little facts about how much we spend on the 4th of July and give a little trivia.  Be sure to tweet me your Favorite 5 July 4th things!  I announce our twitch channel will be starting soon, make sure to follow and subscribe to the channel at

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