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Welcome to Green Up #92, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  The boys sit around, update you on their weeks.  Ryan brings you some video game news on Dice, Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty Black Ops 3.  Ryan apologizes to Teddy for being a Nazi at RCCC and tell a short recap of his time with VF and his wife after RCCC.  Ryan talks about the history of Halloween, and plays a little game with Clint and Teddy.  Clint talks about the Lucas Museum in Chicago and more on Prema-Permadeath games. Teddy brings you some tech news on Dyson’s robot vacuum, New Jersey hires Uber, Comet Lovejoy and more.  The guys run down the shows they are watching and Ryan finishes the show with some creepy babysitter stories that Pouch from The Dropping Loads Podcast shared with him, starring Jillian.

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Welcome to Green Up 91.5, Oregon's number 1 podcast.  This week Ryan is joined with [SS]Hobo and & [SS]SportFu, these three Sea Sniper's breakdown the Star Wars Battlefront beta.  After Hobo and Sporto introduce themselves, the guys talk about if Star Wars is just a Battlefield game with a new skin, not having a dedicated offline gameplay, will there be classes and more depth to the guns, how good the graphics are and how well EA's Servers held up.

They give some details on the game modes that will be out for day one, including 3 new modes just released!  3 brand new Heroes/Villians you can play as and how we rated the 3 'shooter' betas: Call of Duty, Rainbow 6 and Star Wars.

Be sure to join the conversation by tweeting the show @greenuppodcast or call the voicemail 424 COACH 35.  Want to learn more about the Sea Snipers? Visit our site at and follow us on twitter @SeaSnipersHQ 

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Welcome to Green Up #91, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast! This week we bring you some great video game news: Halo 5’s 60GB download, the new dashboard, Xbox One Controller remapping, new update for working on PC’s, first thoughts on Rock Band 4 and the Star Wars Battlefront Beta.  Tech Time Teddy brings you news about Samsung’s VR for only $99, Hulu’s new VR app coming out next month and more!  We chat about the new Fall TV Shows: Heroes, Quantico, Blindspot, Gotham, The Leftovers and more!

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[SS]Shooter returns to chat about the Rainbow Six Siege Beta with Coach.  We discuss how the beta started, what we liked and disliked about it.  Broke down if we were going to be buying it when it comes out and why are developers making online only content. Join the conversation and call the voicemail at 424 COACH 35 (424 262-2435) or hit us up on twitter @greenuppodcast.

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Welcome to Green Up episode 90, Oregon’s #1 Podcast!  The boys are finally back together after being separated by a huge comic con, moving and a toy drive!  This week the guys bring you up to speed on what they have been up to.  Ryan got to hit another comic con and a game dev con.  Clint talks about Upsilon Circuit, the new Xbox 1 controller and more.  Tech Time Teddy brings you his top 5 tech news stories; new proof on how the dinosaurs died, self driving semi-trucks, the new chromecast and more!  During our Video Game News we did a quick review on the Rainbow Six Siege Beta and how happy we are for the new Star Wars Battlefront Beta!  We do a quick review on some new Fall TV shows; Quantico, Blindspot Heroes Reborn and more!  We finally get around to reviewing Nightcrawler and seek help from our friends!  Big thanks to Henno for our intro!

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