Green UP Gaming!

On this specail episode of Green UP Gaming.

Ryan is joined with Tech Time Teddy and Grant from 7 days a geek.  Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freeks was invited but we can't seem to locate him...

After the intro's and thank you's Ryan updates you on his eating habits and his little vicories.

We talk about The Blacklist's mid season finale, and how well The Flash is.  Ryan and Teddy finally get to chat about The 100.

And Ryan raves about the new Xmen movie (days of future past)

Video Game news, whats coming out this week, the Evolve Alpha, 343's clean up of Halo, Teddy talks about the new COD and Grant goes on how amazing the Wii U is.

Podcasting I update you all on the 30 days of podcastin gfrom teh 7 Days a Geek podcast, and my part in the Graphic Novices Wolverine Memorial Kareoke Jam.

Tech Time Teddy segment returns!

Fav 5 2014 video games. and on twitter @greenuppodcast

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